Welcome to Bravo EZ-Build! We are a custom house builders known for designing and constructing state of the art, custom built eco friendly homes.

Eco friendly homes are defined as houses that are efficient, healthy and constructed with sustainable resources. Each and every one of our houses are constructed inside and out to use less energy, consume less water and consume fewer natural resources, while resulting in less waste and improved air quality and ventiliation! Therefore, choosing  eco friendly homes provide you with a better quality home that is great for the environment as well!

Bravo Demo House in Bear Mountain, Victoria.BC    More Pictures in Gallery
Properties built by Bravo EZ Build
Many people think that green building or eco friendly construction means that they have to sacrifice luxury or comfort, in order to be more energy efficient. Well, we are here to tell you this is not true, in fact it is the exactly opposite!  We at Bravo EZ-Build have brought eco friendly homes into the 21st century and beyond.This means that you can build the home of your dreams and have it be the most eco friendly and energy efficient, at the same time. Green building allows us to use the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly materials and products combined with cutting edge and innovative building techniques that result in a house beyond your wildest imagination!
For every one of us that has dreamed about building and owning a home, choosing the company to help you fulfill that dream is an important step. Bravo EZ Build understands this decision and we are committed to our homeowner’s satisfaction. We stand behind every home we build, so much so we offer an unprecedented 20-year warranty on the envelope of your home. We have the highest commitment and standard of excellence with each and every house we built. We want you to know we will produce only the high quality home for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

We at Bravo EZ-Build are dedicated to creating the most stunningly designed green homes with extraordinary detail and craftsmanship. The end result is a beautiful home, through green building that is energy efficient, healthier and cost effective, thus saving you money!


At Bravo EZ-Build, we are committed to building you the house that you have always dreamed! We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to build your new home.