Bravo's Technology

Bravo EZ-Build takes advantage of revolutionary products and procedures that save time, money and most importantly our environment. Our goal is to obtain the latest and most effective materials and methods in fabricating and constructing your custom built, energy efficient, green home.

Bravo utilizes 3 main building technologies that are efficient and environmentally conscience and allow us to provide you with an unprecented  20 Year warranty on envelope ( outer shell of your home):

Form-A-Drain (FAD)

Insulated Concrete Form (ICF)

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)


Form-A-Drain (FAD):

Key Features

Foundation Footing
Integrated Drainage System
Radon Gas Ventilation

This patented 3-in-1 foundation solution forms the footing, provides a drainage system as well as a radon gas ventilation system. Form-A-Drain consists of lineal sections that are placed as the foundation footing forms. Unlike wood forms, FAD system does not need to be stripped as it acts as a permanent drainage system. After the concrete pour the footings stay in place creating a complete sub-slab perimeter loop around the foundation, which is a key to radon ventilation. FAD is more efficient as no stripping is required and there is no cost in cleaning or transportation of forms. The 3-in-1 foundation solution saves valuable time and money.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF):

Key Features

30% lower construction costs
50% less construction time
Better moisture & mold control
Higher air quality control
Greater wind and sheer and seismic stability
More comfort
Lower Energy Bills

20 Year warranty on envelope

The one-piece, all foam, screen grid block is made entirely of expanded polystyrene (EPS), which is shaped like a cement block. With upper and lower “teeth” the blocks securely interlock like Lego® blocks.  The two basic sizes used by Bravo EZ-Build are:

6” concrete core with 5 vertical cells (9 5/8”W x 48” L x 12”H)
8” concrete core with 4 vertical cells (12”W x 48”L x 12”H)

With a symmetrical foam block confusion and time is saved making foundation easier and faster than ever. The 3 pound block makes transportation and the building of the foundation easier and faster. The unique design of the block uses 30% less concrete the foundation takes less time to pour and complete as NO Stripping is required as well as the foundation is already insulated. So there is no time wasted stripping, cleaning and insulating the foundation. The advanced technology cuts down on construction time and costs with no new learning curve as all the same practices and materials such as rebar are used.

The biggest problem with ICF walls is the stress caused at the joints between the blocks which can cause blowouts but our patented post and channel interlocking of joints is proven strong at those critical points.  The pouring of the concrete actually helps to “pinch” the forms together creating tighter sealed joints. The tight interlocking makes larger pours viable such as a 10 foot standard compared to the limitation of 4 feet with other ICFs. We have successfully poured 19 feet without a blowout or any other complications.

The other benefit of using ICFs is the larger R value of 21 which stays constant in any condition unlike conventional fiberglass insulation. The thermal performance is superior due to no air infiltration; therefore storing heat in the winter and moderating the indoor and outdoor temperatures in the summer keeping the inside cooler. Not only are Bravo’s ICFs better insulators they also have higher fire performance, structural performance and environmental advantages. The Modified EPS contains no formaldehydes, toxic chemicals or CFC’s and uses fewer resources to manufacture than other insulating products.


Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs):

Key Features

Comfort (Less air leakage)
Thermal Performance
Energy Savings (40-60% more efficient)
Green Building Material (Uses 85% less wood all farmed popular wood NO OLD Growth used)
Safe Guard Coating
Speed of Construction
Hang Pictures Any Where
Limitless Possibilities
20 Year warranty on envelope

Structural Insulated Panels are constructed with an expanded polystyrene (EPS) core sandwiched between two Organized Stand Boards (OSB). The result is a super insulated and strong panel that can be used for exterior walls, roofs/ceilings, and floors. Many people think that using SIPs have limitations but with Bravo nothing out of reach. From custom homes, engineered homes, restaurants, office buildings, schools, churches and more SIPs can do it. Homeowners, builders and designers can all gain from this superior building technology. 

Bravo uses SIPs because they offer more advantages than any other building system. The comfort control for the homeowner is unprecedented as the inside of the house is an environment that can be controlled easily and economically. In addition to the superior air control the houses are much quieter and cleaner due to the air tightness. Unlike a traditional stick build house SIPs are designed with insulation in mind in order to have a higher thermal performance. The solid EPS core prevents air movement within the wall and the way the wall are constructed there are less thermal breaks due to studs. Strength is not an issue with Bravo as our SIPs have been tested in the real world against storms and earthquakes where traditional stick frames crumble a SIP house stands strong.  The quality is higher in a SIP home as all the walls are flat, straight and plumb. The attraction of dirt particles to thermal shorts caused by framing is eliminated. A continuous wood surface takes the guessing out of finding studs for interior, exterior finishing along with hanging pictures and cabinets. Bravo believes in saving the customer money while providing a superior product with SIPs that is achieved. The energy savings not only help your pocket but our environment as well. SIPs also save time during construction as they are 30% to 50% more efficient in framing, saving thousands and speeding up the lead time. When comparing the costs between Bravo and traditional stick frame structures remember that it all depends on design but the small additional offset on materials is overweighed by the labour savings. Bravo’s SIPs produce significant savings to the owner over the life of the structure with lower utility bills.

Energy and environmental saving is on every bodies mind and it’s on ours too. The various SIP thickness range from R-15, R-23, R-30, R-37 and R-45 to better control the energy consumption and efficiency.  The R-value measures the resistance to heat loss due to conduction and is not a measure of thermal efficiency. Other forms of heat loss are convection, radiation and infiltration (leakage), which are all traits that traditional framing and batt insulation. When a 4 1/2” SIP wall was compared to a standard 2x4 wall with batt insulation the SIP was 45% more efficient. Bravo has also found that SIPs have 14 times more air tight leaking less than 10% of conventional stick construction. This translates into a more comfortable structure with fewer drafts and lower utility bills.

Bravo uses the advantages of the high R-value and tighter construction to the consumer’s advantage by designing high performance heating and cooling systems. We are able to use lower capacity heating and cooling units that consumer less power lowing costs on both ends and helping our environment. Bravo utilizes 2 resistive products to protect your home from termites, mold, mildew and decay. First, the EPS core is made with Foam Control with Perform Guard ®. Foam Control is manufactured with a borate additive providing termite resistance and is recognized as meeting ICC-ES requirements for termite resistance. Bravo uses an additional protective coating called FrameGaurd™, which protects the OSB faces from termites, mold, mildew and decay. More importantly, this includes a 20 year warranty and GreenGaurd® certification for indoor air quality.

Put your mind at ease with Bravo as all our building technology has been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories. Bravo’s SIPs have been evaluated by the International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC). Our SIPs are quality controlled by PFS Corp a leader in Third Party Inspection. The strength of a SIP house has been put to the test through full fire evaluation meeting all building codes. Earthquakes and storms are not a problem for a SIP structure as they have exceptional resistance to seismic activity and high winds. Bravo has documentation of homes that have withstood 7.2 magnitude earthquakes in Kobe, Japan in 1995. Our SIP structures also have stood strong during tornadoes in Tennessee along with flying tree trunks crashing into them in Michigan.

Bravo EZ-Build uses only quality products to build their structures so you are guaranteed a professional and well crafted home.