About Us


Bravo EZ-Build provides affordable, easy to assemble residential and commercial buildings. We have the flexibility of being able to supply the entire building envelope utilizing various state of the art building components, including both wood (Structural Insulated Panels or “SIPs”) and non-wood (PVC and ESP Foam) components. We build our homes to lock up stage or completely finished that is up to you.

Bravo EZ-Build was created to take advantage of multiple technologies to build homes faster but making them more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.  Opportunities: to establish a national distribution system, and to keep abreast of the changes in technology in the residential and commercial market place. Bravo recognized the changes in the building industry that were starting to be brought forth through legislation and organizations such as PATH, HUD, Energy Star, etc. These organizations have mandates to accelerate technological changes needed to help conserve energy and natural resources, to provide more affordable housing, to reduce the risk of property destruction from natural hazards, and to reduce construction related illness and injuries. Based on these criterions, Bravo EZ-Build began research into every possible building product available that might meet all of these goals. The result was that there were very few products that could meet or exceed these rather grandiose expectations. However, there did seem to be one product, that when combined with more conventional building systems, did in fact meet all of the criteria. This product is the Structural Insulated Panel or “SIP” for short. Our research proved that SIPs could indeed stand up to the forces of Mother Nature, they conserved energy and natural resources and they reduced on-site injuries due to their ease of construction, but SIPs by themselves did not exactly qualify as “more affordable housing”. It was not until Bravo EZ-Build combined SIPs with more affordable products such as stick framing (i.e. PVC Footings, ICF Foundation, SIP walls with floor joists and roof trusses), that this product met the final criteria of being “more affordable”. Therefore our company began to build and distribute structures with SIPs as its main component, and with the intention of promoting positive change in the building industry by becoming a company that stood at the forefront of the new wave of building technology.

What do we do?

Bravo EZ-Build creates building “systems” using current technology, which save time, energy and our environment. We are able to provide building systems to all segments of the market, from custom to affordable, single to multi unit and even commercial and industrial building structures. What is unique about us is that we are able to put together custom residential and commercial packages using multiple building products that we engineer into one system. As well, we are not bound to one particular product or manufacturer, so the customer can feel confident that they are not being pressure sold into purchasing only the products that the manufacturer sells.

Bravo will provide all the materials necessary to turnkey the outer shell of any home or commercial building structure based on the blueprints that are provided by the customer/builder and based on their product preference. We also offer design work if the customer does not already have an architect or a pre-purchased set of blueprints. Each shell package is engineered to local specifications so that your building permit is guaranteed. Along with engineer-stamped structurals, you will receive detailed shop drawings for each component of your structure (i.e. floor system, wall system, roof system); an assembly video; and a toll free number to call for expert knowledge and advice about erecting the shell of your structure.

Who are our customers?

Our customers are the foundation of Bravo EZ-Build. We started this company with the premise that the customer would be the one whom we always remain loyal to. That is why we couldn’t sell a product that we didn’t already believe in ourselves. Whether you are a family wanting to build your dream home, or a builder wanting to offer something better to his/her customers, or an architect who would like more creative design options, you are all important to us. We hope that you will read on for all the reasons why.



The Gandhi family has been in business for 113 years from India to North America.