Home Owners

 Thank you for the opportunity to introduce our company and the products and services that we provide. We hope that you will browse our website to learn more about how you can benefit from a Bravo EZ-Build.

We understand that comfort, quality, durability, safety, esthetics and eco-friendliness are all important factors when considering a new home. What would you say if we told you that we could provide all of these components and more under one roof?

Bravo EZ-Build offers both wood and non-wood residential shells that achieve all of these goals and surpass most building codes. 

Due to their much higher and more uniform insulation value, SIPs (structural insulated panels) provide greater indoor comfort over conventionally framed homes. Additional benefits of SIPs are: improved air quality that results in more even temperatures in every room is achieved; sound control that is noise is reduced to a minimimum; and best of all, energy bills are cut in half! Factory built, pre-fabricated and internationally code approved SIPs ensure quality, durability and safety as well as being environmental friendly through the use of recyclable materials instead of raw lumber. All of these benefits are achieved through the use of Structural Insulated Panels.

In case you thought we forgot about the esthetic of your home as an important factor…you can design the most beautiful home imaginable with SIPs, as there are virtually no design limitations. In fact, there are probably more design options using SIPs over conventional framing because SIPs allow for greater clearance spans (i.e. no posts or bracing).

The main component in an EZ-Build non-wood system is panelized tubular steel. This system rivals the SIP system in structural integrity and framing time. To achieve the same R-Value and thus all of the same benefits that a SIP can offer, our tubular steel frame can be dried in with EPS foam (the same foam used in SIPs) and a non structural finished outer facing. Our steel systems can be completely finished without using any wood or they can be combined with any number of wood products. Your choices are nearly umlimited!

So, before you set out to purchase your new home, consider a Bravo EZ-build system to construct your state of the art, custom built, energy efficient, green home .

The Advantages of owning a Bravo EZ-Build home over a conventional built home:                          


Energy savings up to 50%
Lower insurance premiums
Higher re-sale value
Financing incentives
Lower maintenance costs
Interactive systems benefits
Unlimited design options
Quicker occupancy (shell framed in
half the   time as stick build)
Straight walls (allows for faster drywall installation and hanging
 cabinetry and shelves)
Electrical chases come pre-installed (running electrical is made
 faster and easier)


Uniform Temperature
Cleaner Air
Mould & Insect resistant
“Freeze Proof”




Less on-site theft
Withstands tornados &              
Ideal for seismic zones
International code approved
Pre-engineered and P.E. stamped


Withstands tornados & 
Ideal for seismic zones
Greater clear span ability


Conserves lumber (typical SIP home uses 35% less raw lumber while our steel systems can be built with no lumber at all)
Saves energy (ES & LEED approved)
No CFCs or HTCs
Less on-site