Thank you for the opportunity to introduce our company and the products and services that we provide. We hope that you will browse our website to learn more about how you can offer your customers limitless design options that meet their requirements, cost expectations and style.

As a design professional, you know that proper planning and attention to detail is what you do best. As a systems supplier, marketing, customer service and technical advice is what Bravo EZ-Build does best. Together with our designers & architects, we work as a team to come up with the best design, products and systems to maximize the value that the customer will be getting out of their new home.

Here are just some of the benefits designers & architects enjoy when working with Bravo:

• Limitless design options: Bravo is not limited to one product or one manufacturer. Therefore, design professionals have the benefit of being able to work with numerous building products, both wood (SIPs) and non-wood (steel). Our systems combine multiple building products that enable the designer to have far more flexibility and options for floor plans and elevations, not to mention the ability to maximize their creativity. 

• Quicker occupancy: When a project is designed with Bravo EZ-Build’s SIP or steel components from the start, not only can size & spanning capabilities be fully utilized, but the design can be put straight into production! This is a great selling feature to be able to tell your customers that by designing their home with SIPs or steel, they do not need to wait for factory shop drawings and therefore, they will receive their home weeks earlier than expected. Saving the customer time and money by designing with Bravo’s products will surely lead to repeat business and more referrals for the architect/designer.

• Cost effective design options: Because of the superior strength of Structural Insulated Panels, clear span capabilities are far greater. A SIP wall system with roof trusses will allow a clear span of up to 65 feet! This means that no interior walls to support the trusses are necessary, thereby allowing you far more design options. You can effectively design that open concept home, garage, airplane hangar, etc. in a more cost effective way than ever before! Your customers will be more likely to work with a design professional if they know that they are saving money by doing so.

• Avoid “scope creep”!: Bravo EZ-Build and its manufacturers can only ascertain a competitive, realistic price if we receive a design with sufficient detailing. Beginning the home building process with only a vague vision that lacks construction drawings and specifications is begging for inaccurate cost estimates. The full scope of work must be understood from the beginning in order to provide realistic project costs. If drawings are produced AFTER the estimate is received, in almost all cases, the scope of work has changed or is now more clearly defined, thus skewing the cost of materials. Often, the process of bidding a project from drawings that are incomplete leads to a project cost exceeding budget expectations. Proper architecturally drawn plans from the onset can prevent the need to go back to customers with “scope creep” costs. The most competitive and accurate project costs are best achieved when a design professional’s services are enlisted and when that design is customized for the products being used.

Are there any design limitations to building with Bravo’s products?

No. Both SIPS and tubular steel can be used for virtually any residential, commercial, industrial or institutional structure. Because of their structural properties, and therefore clear span capabilities, SIPS and steel offer greater flexibility for design.



Photos taken from “Our Best Work” Presentation at the 2002 SIPA Convention in New Orleans