Thank you for the opportunity to introduce our company and the products and services that we provide to the building industry. We hope that you will browse our website to learn more about how Bravo EZ-Build can save you time, effort, and increase your profits.

We understand that as a builder, you are looking for products and systems that are cost competitive, marketable, easy to assemble and that can potentially increase your sales and profits. Bravo EZ-Build has the product lines and services that allow you to achieve all of these goals!

Take our wood systems for example. The main component in an EZ-Build wood system is Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). SIPs replace 2X4 or 2X6 studs, batt insulation, OSB sheathing, and the vapor barrier. By providing a pre-engineered product that incorporates all of these steps, the builder shortens the erection time needed to frame the walls and therefore, saves money on labor costs. Also, because of the ease of use of the system, less skilled labor is required, thus saving the builder even more money. Much the same as I-Joists have saved the builder time, effort and money in floor installation and roof trusses have done the same for roof installation, Structural Insulated Panels save the builder time, effort and money for wall installation. Framing a building envelope can be accomplished in days instead of weeks!
Now take our non-wood systems as an example. The main component in an EZ-Build non-wood system is galvanized tubular steel. Like SIPs, our tubular steel system uses less skilled labor and shortens the time frame that it takes the builder to currently install walls, floors and roofs. This shortened time frame for installation, ease of use, and dollar savings on labor costs are all tangible benefits that the builder can enjoy when using either or a combination of both Bravo EZ-Build’s wood and non-wood shell systems.

But the benefits don’t stop there. By working with Bravo EZ-Build, builders benefit from one-stop-shopping for all of their needs:

 All materials needed to frame the shell of the building are included (SIPs, steel, roof trusses, floor joists, lumber, etc.)
 technical support
 multiple unit discounts
 on-site training
 government support & incentives for Energy Star Homes

Imagine the opportunity to make one phone call to accomplish numerous different tasks. Bravo EZ-Build makes the process of building easier, faster, less complicated, and more profitable for builders. If your business is making enough money and you are happy doing what you are doing, you don’t need to call us…but if you can see an opportunity for growth and increasing your profits by partnering with Bravo, call us today to find out how.